Juliet Ehimuan

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Dr. Juliet Ehimuan is a renowned tech industry leader with over 25 years of experience, including a remarkable 12-year at Google primarily as Director for West Africa. Her leadership has paved the way for Google’s expansive presence throughout Nigeria and the wider West Africa region, fostering innovation and strategic partnerships. 

A respected board member, thought leader, mentor and advocate for personal growth, Juliet is passionate about empowering individuals and organizations alike, leveraging leadership strategies for growth and success.

Dr. Juliet Ehimuan is a respected tech industry leader with over 25 years experience. She recently concluded her 12-year tenure at Google, where she served as a pioneering Country Director of Google Nigeria and later as Director for West Africa. With a focus on driving innovation and growth, Juliet played a pivotal role in expanding Google’s presence in Nigeria and the wider West Africa region.

Throughout her career, Juliet has been at the forefront of shaping the African digital technology landscape. She has championed public policy initiatives to increase digital access and affordability, forged strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, and localized Google products to meet the unique needs of the African market.

Beyond her corporate role, Juliet is recognized as a thought leader, mentor, and advocate for personal growth and leadership development. Her book, “30 Days of Excellence,” inspires individuals to reach their full potential and make a positive impact in their communities.

Juliet’s expertise and strategic vision have established her as a vanguard in the African tech ecosystem. She envisions an inclusive and collaborative industry that leverages technology fostered in Africa to address global societal challenges and drive sustainable growth.

With her deep understanding of the African tech landscape and commitment to empowering individuals and organizations, Juliet continues to help shape the future of technology in Africa, positioning herself as a catalyst for change and a key influencer in the region’s digital transformation.

Juliet also serves on the boards of various organizations, further contributing to her extensive professional profile. Her board memberships demonstrate her commitment to driving impact and shaping key industry players. Through these roles, she has provided valuable guidance and contributed to decision-making processes, showcasing her ability to make a difference across sectors. Her involvement on various boards highlights her influence and dedication to serving her community. Juliet Ehimuan’s diverse professional experiences, coupled with her board involvement, solidify her position as a respected leader and influential figure in the tech industry and beyond.